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Red and greasy sausage originally from Spain/Europe(no mexico). It can be mild or spicy. It comes in many different sizes and has many different flavors according to its quality, examples:

- Chorizo de(from) Pamplona: you probably know this city for the renowned "Run with the bulls". Well this kind of chorizo is even greasier and of a softer texture.
- Chorizo de Salamanca: This one is really tasty.
- Chorizo Iberico: This is the most expensive one, but if you ever come to spain you definitely gotta try it, cuz its the cream of the crop. I specially recommend this one.
Dave: Hey mate, how u feel after living in australia all these years.
Me: ermm not too bad, you know i love this, but if i only could degust one of those chorizo sandwiches, i really miss them.
by Brera June 04, 2006
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1. a spicy mexican sausage

2. spanish synonym for dick
1. ¿so, was your chorizo good?

2. ¡That mexican had a chorizo the size of a small fetus!
by el Nariz de 45 March 25, 2003
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Greasy sausage mostly cooked by mexicans. Also used as a derogatory term for mexicans who want to get white girls attention.
Mexican: Hey Heather my chorizo needs a friend.
Heather: Whats a chrizo???
by The Mondo November 04, 2005
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Visible pubic hair above a man's underwear line—companion to "taco meat" on the chest.
Man, Stuart is showing a lot of chorizo today. I'll bet his shit is spicy!
by Billy Binaca October 04, 2010
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Someone who is trying to upstage another, or is very flagrant in the attempt to show themselves off, or someone who exaggerates a lot
1) Hey Fred your neighbor just put up more lights than you, what a chorizo!

2)Look Frankie is wearing that skin tight leather suit he's such a chorizo

3)Hey that's Frankie's new girlfriend. He said she was hot, but she's tore up, he's such a chorizo
by The Meanest Filapenis November 05, 2010
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