A noun for an unknown object that knowingly or unknowingly satisfies people in various circumstances
That night Miguel really knew how to use his satisfier
by Summer Summit July 28, 2011
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To make happy; to pleasure. Although nowadays people use this word to refer to those damn slime videos.
Emily: OMG, did you see that new slime video posted by @satisfyingslime?!?!!?

Jessica: YAS omg!! It was so satisfying!!
by Stefferoni May 06, 2018
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satisfied, satisfaction
become filled to completion, have one's needs/wants met, have enough-ness, have sufficient
A good cup of tea will satisfy my thirst first thing in the morning.
by Wordgirl October 25, 2006
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A feeling when you are happy. Like uh like when you like uh umm yeah you know
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Coloring with different colors of permanent markers, and/or sniffin the tip of a marker and enjoying it.
"Nida, wat are u doing?" asked Val. "I am satisfying myself by coloring this folder. Do you want to join me?"
by Satisfyer July 31, 2006
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