Defined by an internet account that ridicules to expose by posting satire phrases, memes, and videos.
Calm down it’s a Satire Account”
by JustTellingTheTruthHere June 17, 2019
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The WWE cartoon-like parody that "airs" every week over at Wrestling Online Onslaught that completly and totally trashes the WWe and makes fun of them and their Non-show and Non-wrestlers.
Raw Satire will soon be a web cartoon over at:
by M. Mathers June 2, 2005
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refer to things that satire a small niche group that the general public is not a part of and thus the satire would not hit home with them
Everyone laughed as he micro-satired how their group does everything.
by ghostinshell August 18, 2014
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Stuff that non-noobs listen to.
Announcer: Mr Bush, did they ever find those weapons of destruction?
George Bush: Yeah, up my bum.
That's good satire! NOT!
by Mr K2 September 13, 2011
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The perfect trifecta for any type of comedy
The comedy-sarcasm-satire combo is what makes gutfeld! so intelligent and fun to watch
by Sexydimma May 23, 2021
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1. To make fictional or real content based off real life
2. To make something that depicts real life events
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Satire Is a jewish man
For an example satire is a kafir
by Hdhdhd99193 January 11, 2021
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