Another word used for calling someone homosexual or “Gay”.
Bitch that was such a satire video.
by LaylaForlifers July 21, 2021
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Satire basically means that making a tiktok/instagram/Facebook or any social media account that’s fucked/messed up but using it in irony and sarcasm. Basically joking around about shitty topics or just as a joke, it’s not serious. And mostly satire accounts are not popular so saying some racist joke isn’t gonna get you canceled like a celebrity will because it’s satire and just sarcasm and joking.
Jeffery: Yo this acc is fucked up
Account: it’s satire 💀
Jeffery: oh 😭
by shity.stuff_nfl May 17, 2022
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A statement of any kind where the meaning of whats said is not to be taken into consideration and ignored. Most satire is in the form of "offensive" dark humor. In other words, the bane of a teenage girl.
"Dawg did you hear about what satire REDACTED got offended on the behalf of others by this time? "Yeah, shes so annoying"
by clamclown January 25, 2021
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When people on the internet cannot see satire due to it being said by a group of people seen as “cringe” or otherwise believed to be prone to saying such things.
“I saw this post where this girl was talking about meeting Dream SMP members at a fake school.”
“That was obviously a joke, you’re so satire blind.”
by The definite pisstake. September 14, 2021
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a master. just a master at the point you confuse all the other masters.
Rhonda: That guy over there, standing in front of the burning man statue being grumpy is a total snarkle pony.

Jess: No, dear, it's a performance arts piece. He's being a satire pony.
by Misandrist August 20, 2015
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Imma go hit on that girl. Meybe it'll work out. Don't child yourself. Me myshelf and I. This Satire Spelling is Tireing
by Bad spelling March 23, 2021
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A satire tilde is when you make some joke or remark that is ironic or satire, you would put the tilde at the end of it. Usually in a post title online so the person reading it doesn't get offended instantly.
"LOL I hate Obama ~ " "I can see you do not hate Obama because you used the satire tilde"
by Findloo Chunk March 14, 2021
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