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(N.)An early 90's synonym used by West Coast rappers, Southern rappers, and filthy thugs to descibe loose money, usually ranging from one to twenty dollar bills.
"Yo, dem my duckets now, homeboy!" - CJ Johnson; Los Santos, San Andreas
by M. Mathers May 14, 2007

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T-Mobile's offical series of "DISS" commercials to come at Boost Mobile and their Hip Hop launch campaign. (which managed to score non-rapper and complete busta(buster) Kanye West.)

T-Mobile's Poser Mobile Posse consists of Twenty-Fi Cent Fee, Brick Moe Bill, and Romin Fiees 27.

Bah! They all need to take their "Mo-biles" back to England!
If you try to make a phone call using Poser (Boost) Mobile and you go over your fees, the Poser Posse will come out and Tackle you to death. In the background will be their interns and girlfriend. (Also in the P M Posse.)
by M. Mathers June 02, 2005

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A McDonalds burger that is Numero Uno on their Value Meal Menus.
To clearify, a Big Mac has nothing to do with Bernie Mac, Elle MacPherson, Pornography, or anything else you can think of.
by M. Mathers June 02, 2005

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What Eric Cartman likes to kill in South Park. Cartman was successful in killing the hippies in the South Parkepisode "Die Hippie, Die!" (with a Giant Drill)

Male Hippies are almost always barefooted and spout out gibberish about taking down Corporations while getting Intoxicated on Weed.(THE DEVIL'S CHIN HAIR!) They love to eat Brownies and will only drink "Fruitopia" Brand soft drinks.

Female Hippies burn their Bras (their A-Cup Bras) and prance around in Tiki Hawaiian-like dresses, while wearing beads and doing a strange intoxicated Arm dance, which can only be described as "Walking like an Egyptian", I guess?
by M. Mathers June 02, 2005

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The word Hippies use to call Music, Beats, or any kind of Songs.
"Dude, where's the tunes?" (*puff*)
by M. Mathers June 02, 2005

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They don't exist, with the exception of Sarai, and Princess Superstar, and that one corny ass Blondie shit from the old school, but that's it.
There are none and that's funny.
by M. Mathers May 26, 2004

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(n.) A Woman who is attracted to a Man, even though the man is not geninuely intrested in her and does not treat her in a respectful manner. This woman will "Hollaback" at this man, no matter how many times he "be tryin' to diss her and play 'er and all that sh*t.uh-uh! I ain't no Hollabak Bitch, so youse bets get the steppin, bra."
Gwen Stafani sings about Shit and Bananas in an all-girl Japanese School (with a school team mascot as a Shit Banana) full of cheerleaders when she's 35-years old? WTF?
by M. Mathers June 02, 2005

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