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A cult-like religion referenced as the main sect of Mormonism. Known for their rules and regulations and underlying homophobic and transphobic behavior.
Person 1: I'm fromThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Person 2: Sorry to hear that.
by JustTellingTheTruthHere June 13, 2019
A false claim based on either pseudoscience and/or fallaciousness typically sourced from BuzzFeed
Person 1: did you know that whites cannot be victims of racism?
Person 2: that's BuzzFeed Facts.
by JustTellingTheTruthHere June 13, 2019
Defined by an internet account that ridicules to expose by posting satire phrases, memes, and videos.
Calm down it’s a Satire Account”
by JustTellingTheTruthHere June 17, 2019