From the Japanese work called Naruto, this supports a romantic relationship with two fictional characters by the name of Sasuke and Sakura. (sometimes called SS)

Alternately, if you add "anti-" to the beginning of SasuSaku you don't support it.

Overall, people take these things too seriously.


This term has spawned from the Japanese cartoon and Japanese comic book franchise(comics are manga and the anime is a cartoon, gtfo weeaboos, they're the same fucking thing), Naruto.

"Sasu" comes from the first two Katakana (one kind of Japanese writing) in the name of the male character "Sasuke" ("sa", "su" and "ke" being separate symbols) and "Saku" comes from the first two Katakana in name "Sakura", a girl. ("sa", "ku" and "ra" being separate)

For a long time men have had higher status than woman in Japan, thus the "Sasu" coming first. "SasuSaku" supports a relationship between the two characters "Sasuke" and "Sakura" of romantic proportions. (sometimes called SS)

Alternately, if you add "anti-" to the beginning of SasuSaku you don't support it.

People take this pairing too seriously sometimes; whether they hate or like it. It is fictional, don't sweat over it.
"I want Sasuke and Sakura together, I love SasuSaku!"
One of the three main het pairings of the western Naruto fandom. The other two being NaruHina and NaruSaku. The name is an analgram of the first names of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.
Along with NaruHina and NaruSaku, SasuSaku is one of the three popular het pairings in the west.
by Shirosaki March 2, 2007
A popular pairing in the anime/manga , Naruto. It involves the two characters Sasuke and Sakura.

Many people are huge fans of the pairing, and if you want to make them really mad say-

"Nuh-uh! Sakura loves Naruto!!!!!!!"
(Which is so not true, I don't care what Yamato says.)

Random dude:
"Lyk omg if you don't like sasusaku, you're a silly-billy head!!!"

by uberdork February 20, 2008
The pairing of Sasuke and Sakura in the manga Naruto. Lots of people like this coupling. (including me)
Random person: Sasuke is mine!

Everyone else: HELL NO BITCH! sasusaku owns!
by Can of Mints September 23, 2006
sasusaku is a very well known, well liked, pairing from the anime Naruto. It is derived from the characters Sasuke and Sakura. Many people (including me) agree that their romance is very tragic, therefore romantic.
"Dub 109 was soooo a sasusaku episode!"
by xox.withlove October 22, 2007
The pairing of the characters Sasuke and Sakura from the manga and anime series Naruto. The likelihood of this pairing (and others from the series) is often the subject of heated debates in the fandom.
Are you a SasuSaku fan?
by Veil of Dreams September 22, 2007
The most ridiculous and unlikely pairing in the anime Naruto.
SasuSaku...? FUCK NO!
by Naru-kyou August 22, 2007