A really Buff and sexy finnish man with many friends and really smart and cool
Wow he is such a Saku.
by Finnish sexy man December 5, 2019
Person that is able to be nazi and communist at the same time
Saku is used as as generic name
by Lanifn March 29, 2019
Used to refer to a fan of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team. Since Saku Koivu was the captain and fan favorite for so long the name Saku can refer to a pathetic, pitiful, worthless fan of the shitty Hab's.
Person 1: Why does everyone call you Saku?
Saku: Go Habs Go
Person 1: Dude Saku Koivu doesn't even play for the Habs anymore, he's on the Ducks.
Saku: Go Habs Go
Person 1: I guess I should just call you Quacku from now on... you're pathetic!
by A Jamoke May 26, 2010
Insult expressing little to no mental capabilities.
Jenny is such a Saku! Has she never seen a door before? You push the push and pull the pull!
by WhatEFen June 9, 2018
once you meet her you wont be able to forget her. she clicks with people no matter what. She doesn't believe when people tell her shes beautiful but she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She will talk to you about life problems and will give you advice on situations. If you get a Saku in life you better be prepared shes a force to be reckoned with between roast battles and guys. But she loves you for who you are and is always looking for the next amazing day with her friends!<3
You know a Saku??
Youre one lucky kid
by haveyourselfamerry July 16, 2019
The act of sneaking up behind a girl, usually in the dark or shadows, and shoving it in
Derek loves sakuing unsuspecting ladies.
by slippryman June 22, 2008