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A creature that is said to be between the ages of 9 and 12, who for some reason, have immense 'confidence' in themselves.

Spend most on the time on the internets and flipping their hair.

Tends to be in love with stupid pop bands such as The Jonas Brothers and other Disney crap.

Will defend said band with bad grammar, and meaningless insults.

omj. Jonazz bruders RAWK, OK??? ur just jelouse bcuz u wishes u wer dem, ok? u probbably r fats n uglys n poor. u wish u waz rich, u meanie. ur so mean. go to AYCH EE DOUBLE HOCKEYYSHTICKS. YEH.

Tends to shop at stores like Hollister and American Eagle, because apparently that's the style nowadays.

Dresses rather whorish, and stuffs toilet paper in their training bras.

Have no individuality, and will do whatever the media says is 'rad'.
Me: Why are you holding your breath?

Tween: Disney says breathing isn't cool.
by uberdork August 21, 2008

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A game still being created.
It is the sequel to The Sims 2, which is the sequel to The Sims.

Basically, The Sims franchise is all about controlling peoples lives.


There will be many new upgrades to the game such as:
- Seamless Neighborhood: Your Sim can visit neighbors, parks and shops without a loading screen.
- All the neighboring Sims will live their life and age simultaneously as your Sim (They'll get married, get jobs,etc).

- Sims 3 have Traits. Choose 5 from around 80 types like Dreamer, Evil, Playful, etc. These Traits will affect how a Sim behaves towards others and affects their moods, like the mood of an Outdoorsperson will raise when he/she is outside. An evil Sim may slap another Sim.

There is now an official website for The Sims 3-

Many people, including myself, are very excited for when this game ships in 2009.
Dude: Hey, are you getting the Sims 3?
Everyone else: Hell yes.
by uberdork April 09, 2008

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Founded by Walt Disney, Disney a company that produces movies and television shows. Also the infamous, Disney World, or Disney Land.

Disney used to be one of the best around.
Some famous movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Alice In Wonderland, and Peter Pan.

Now, Disney creates movies like High School Musical, and shows like Hannah Montana.
They attracted a younger audience, but most people hate those movies/shows.
Including myself.
Do you still watch Disney?
Um. No.

*gets shot*
by uberdork March 18, 2008

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They always say that people are just jealous of them. Actually, I find it quite pathetic that they must slander others to defend a musical group. They have insufficeint vocabulary and intelligence to express an opinion without insulting others.

Real Jonas Brothers Fans' Comments:
(Sorry about length, but I wanted to get the point in. These are 100% REAL.)

you suck the jonas brothers ROCKKKKKK!! and if you dont think so then you are a jelous hater who should get a life! The jonas brothers havent done anything to be hated. so get a life.

You're not serious, right????

all the JB haters are FAGGOTSSSSSSSS. And they REALLY need to get a life

Ouch, that burns.

PS- You kindasortasomewhat just raped the S key right there. What did it ever do to you?


Retard, I've never shown my clothes in any of my videos. Just the shoulders of my shirt.

hello? look at the picture of you in profile icon. um...ew!

It's a UGA (In case you didn't know this, UGA stands for University Of Georgia..Yeahhh. Can you pronounce that for me?) shirt. It's better than a Jonas Brothers Tee.

um...no it isn't! jonas brothers shirts are amazing. i have tons of them. where are your clothes from? the dump? sure looks like it.
by uberdork July 12, 2008

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A popular pairing in the anime/manga , Naruto. It involves the two characters Sasuke and Sakura.

Many people are huge fans of the pairing, and if you want to make them really mad say-

"Nuh-uh! Sakura loves Naruto!!!!!!!"
(Which is so not true, I don't care what Yamato says.)

Random dude:
"Lyk omg if you don't like sasusaku, you're a silly-billy head!!!"

by uberdork February 20, 2008

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