Don't worry
- i am worried, how will you manage?
- don't sweat! I have found other ways.
by Kmanisha_ November 19, 2017
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something that you say in order to tell someone not to worry..

means "don't worry about it", or sometimes "take it easy".
Don't sweat it! We've got plenty of time to get there before the show starts.
by Aninda Dutta July 28, 2010
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Something you tell someone when they shouldn't worry about something.

Mainly means "don't worry about it"
Nigga 1: Shit, man. I'm forgot we're having a drug test today.

Nigga 2: Don't sweat it, I gotchu. I have some clean piss.

Nigga 1: You my nigga.
by That Nigga You Know June 3, 2013
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- So what?
- Who give's a shit?
- I don't care!
Jim Wataquash- Hey, did you hear that Lauf uses a 5-string banjo to grow her crops?
Doug Peterson- Gator don't sweat
by J-Whale March 9, 2009
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Just don't fucking sweat it and u'll be good
Zach: dude i fucking sweated the technique!
Alex: wtf, how did u do tht i thouht u were black
Zach: ik dude i though i was to
Alex: w/e just Don't sweat the technique
by ztack April 1, 2010
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