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One of the three main het pairings of the western Naruto fandom, the other two being NaruHina and SasuSaku. Name is an analgram of the first names of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno.
NaruSaku is not canon;NaruHina is not canon;SasuSaku is not canon, so stop claiming otherwise.
by Shirosaki March 01, 2007
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The pairing and shipping of Naruto and Sakura from the Naruto anime and manga. It is a word derived from the beginnings of both the characters' names. From the beginning of the series the pairing has slowly gained popularity and recent events in the manga have caused its popularity to increase dramatically. The relationship is liked due to the gradual developments between the characters in the story. These developments are often known as Narusaku moments. It seems this pairing has a very high chance of occurring
The last chapter was filled with Narusaku moments.

I'm a Narusaku fan.
by Meekolli April 16, 2007
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The pairing of Naruto and Sakura from the popular show: Naruto.

Not a popular pairing. Fans are more interested in the very popular NaruHina Naruto and Hinata and SasuSaku Sasuke and Sakura pairings.
The pairing of NaruSaku is close friendship.
by Darkhope (Nya~ :P) February 01, 2007
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A popular pairing in the anime Naruto which refers to the characters Naruto and Sakura. People who like this pairing are rash and rude to people who like the other popular pairing known as NaruHina otherwise know as the characters Naruto and Hinata. NaruSaku fans are known to bash down on Hinata though few tend to not do that. With the ending of the manga and anime coming shortly and the Nauto the last movie coming out people following all pairings are becoming desperate more some than others proven by NaruSaku fans taking official art and making fanmade art of it to say their pairing is canon. While most people say they don't care who the character ends up with that it's just an anime they actually do care. Personally I hope Naruto ends up with Hinata and while some will argue and most votes down will come from NaruSaku fans I feel peoples opinions should be addressed no matter how rudely I have been getting treated just for shipping the couple I've seen come together get together. I end this note by saying while Sakura was in the same team as Naruto her character development leads her to loving Sasuke and seeing Naruto as a brother a brother who gave his word to her that he'd bring him back for her and once Naruto gives his word on something he can't turn back on it because that is his Ninido his ninja way. NaruSaku fans want him to do a 180(?) and disregard his Nindo which would destroy his character.
NaruSaku fans are looking down on NaruHina and SasuSaku fans.
by FabledKnight October 28, 2014
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