Another word for the weekend. Derived from the first two letters of each day of the weekend, SAturday and SUnday.
Person 1: Hey man, what are you doing this sasu?

Person 2: Dude, I don't really know. I have no class so lets PARTY!
Person 1: Sounds like a plan, I love the sasu!
by NighthawkPOA December 3, 2009
Girl's name, more prevalent in Nepal. A Sasu is probably the best friend you will ever have. She's quiet, until you get to know her, and then she is crazy. Sweet, a great listener, great style, and, most importantly, there for you through it all. You are a lucky human being if you have the pleasure of meeting a Sasu.
random person: "Hey Sasu, are you going to that party Saturday night?"

Sasu: "That's not my scene, too many dwp, but we can hang out tomorrow!!"
by jhub31 January 4, 2014
an alien lookin monkey nigga who is just UGLY
dis nigga lookin like a fuckin sasu off animal planet

ima put this fuckin sasu back wit his father curious george
by Griff July 2, 2004