I would love a bacon sarny for my dinner.
by MarkJ May 29, 2008
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Created by the one and only, genius himself and upcoming artist, Lil Snack, Sarny is when you're both sad and horny at the same time.
Guy 1: "Bro I miss her so much, it's one of those sarny nights."

Guy 2: "I feel that."
by thesteezegod April 21, 2020
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One who often uses wooden pegs and rusty spoons for sexual stimulation.
1. Dude, look at the Sarni with the rusty spoon over there.
by EveryDayImHustlin September 15, 2009
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The feeling of not knowing if you are sad or horny or both
im lonely and sarny, i dont know if i want sex or happiness.
by badsandwich December 30, 2021
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