A (Snack) is someone who looks good at the moment.
Look at that (snack )over there he/she looks good.
by GotDamnHTK November 13, 2015
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Do you know how many snacks live in this dorm? Too many.

Not going to lie Chris, your sister is a snack.
by Mark Van Mudgett September 30, 2009
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Someone looks so good you could eat them, not in an innocent way.
by PotatoesAndCockumbers August 29, 2018
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A Snack is someone who looks delicious and cute.
Look at Elizabeth, she is such a Snack all the time.
by KarenSmith69 September 16, 2018
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A person with a good body / face
"look at Alex over there lookin like a snack"
Or "dang girl you fine as hell lookin like a snack"
by Alex mark morris November 17, 2017
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When someone has been called a "Snack" that means the person giving the title thinks that the other person looks good.
P 1: Dang, Jaillee you look like a snack!
P 2: Thanks Jon Jo ;)
by The not Asian Ryan July 10, 2018
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