The company that originated Hello Kitty.
It's Japanese and has been around for about 30 years.
There are many stores in the U.S.
by Enna B. January 8, 2005
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The little expensive stores that sell girly accessories.
From clothes, jewelry, wallets, pencil cases, pencils, school supply, beauty, bags, plushies, candy, stamps, stickers, charms..etc.

Caylen: Hitomi Kasugawa! Lets go to Sanrio!
Hitomi Kasugawa: OMG! Ah lets! Btw..did you know that I am Japanese, and so is Hello Kitty from Sanrio?
Caylen: You!? Duh..with a name like yours you must be Italian!
Anyways, here have my scented Hello Kitty eraser that costs two bucks.
by Gold'' April 17, 2008
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Sanrio is a company that started on August 10, 1960, Yamanashi, Japan. Some of the characters include Kuromi, My Melody, Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Tuxedosam and many more!
Me: Sanrio is so cool! Kuromi is my favorite!

Someone: Oh cool! I’ve heard of it before.
by IMREALLYEMO January 26, 2022
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Sanrio is a company that makes very good cartoons.

The fandom consists either 5 year old children or 14 year old teenage girls who fetishize Japanese culture. Although the 5 year olds are nice THE 14 YEAR OLDS ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF ME, they obsess over a cartoon character that isn’t even that cute.

Y’all probably have a body pillow of cinamorrol

Gudetama > any other Sanrio character (gudetama solos goku btw)
Hana: “I’m so popular
Vivian: “ikr your such a Sanrio”
by SAVE. September 30, 2022
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An extremely attractive and hot model that cosplays from popular and not-so-popular anime, video game, and comic book characters. She is famous for her cosplays from Bleach, Dragonball-Z, and Marvel comics. Usually can be found at most comic cons on the east coast. Named Philadelphia's Hottest Cosplay Girl. Also was named Miss June 2018.
Ted: Are you going to go to Philly comic con?
Ryan: It depends. Is Gia Sanrio going to be there?

Rob: Did you see Gia Sanrio's new photos?
Chris: No, not yet, I'll go check now!

Mo: Yo, look at the new cosplay that Gia Sanrio was seen in!
Steve: Wow, that Piccolo from Dragonball-Z is spot on and pretty hot too!
by Marvelcomicslove September 24, 2018
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A group of online female community on 4chan, /r9k/ board. Their number hardly reaches a hundred) that plague every single corner they consider their habitat. A community that most people in real life wouldn't give the slightest attention to, but here, online they get said attention due to an amount of social reclusive discord-mods that also consider some corner of the internet their home. These beings are similar to the way vampires mask themselves in human societies and feed upon us. Everything that comes out of their mouth is worthless drivel, the only reason these hello-kitty obsessed girlies even get the slightest of attention is due to a specific cuteness that other women on earth lack. These beings come to these places to wreak havoc, they divide the community and cause needless drama. The species we call sanrio whores, I do not consider them human, no I consider them Godesses, meant to be dominate Men and dictate with their voices their wholesome gyno tainted opinions
+Hey man look at this sanrio whore I met on discord isn’t she wholesome? Imma move to Canada so that I can forever live with her
-…what? You’re leaving me? Bro…
+Sorry mate
by Effferefff December 6, 2022
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