The company that originated Hello Kitty.
It's Japanese and has been around for about 30 years.
There are many stores in the U.S.
by Enna B. January 07, 2005
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The little expensive stores that sell girly accessories.
From clothes, jewelry, wallets, pencil cases, pencils, school supply, beauty, bags, plushies, candy, stamps, stickers, charms..etc.

Caylen: Hitomi Kasugawa! Lets go to Sanrio!
Hitomi Kasugawa: OMG! Ah lets! Btw..did you know that I am Japanese, and so is Hello Kitty from Sanrio?
Caylen: You!? Duh..with a name like yours you must be Italian!
Anyways, here have my scented Hello Kitty eraser that costs two bucks.
by Gold'' April 17, 2008
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An extremely attractive and hot model that cosplays from popular and not-so-popular anime, video game, and comic book characters. She is famous for her cosplays from Bleach, Dragonball-Z, and Marvel comics. Usually can be found at most comic cons on the east coast. Named Philadelphia's Hottest Cosplay Girl. Also was named Miss June 2018.
Ted: Are you going to go to Philly comic con?
Ryan: It depends. Is Gia Sanrio going to be there?

Rob: Did you see Gia Sanrio's new photos?
Chris: No, not yet, I'll go check now!

Mo: Yo, look at the new cosplay that Gia Sanrio was seen in!
Steve: Wow, that Piccolo from Dragonball-Z is spot on and pretty hot too!
by Marvelcomicslove September 23, 2018
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A e-girl pretending to be a leftist, when in reality she is just a radical liberal and doesn’t truly know what socialism is.
E-Girl: “Billionaires deserve to die,except black transwomen billionaires”
Normal Leftist:”you’re such a sanrio leftist
by Juche_Gang October 01, 2020
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a penis that is so tiny that it is cute or toylike. The Hello Kitty of male organs.
great guy but he has a cock by sanrio.
by Ian Ruddygore January 21, 2004
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The act of applying Icy Hot (Vicks can be used as substitute) on your erect penis and quickly ramming it into your partner without notice. You must shout "Hello Kitty!" as you perform the act.
Bought a bottle of Icy Hot and gave Jessica a Sanrio Surprise!
by TheUnHelpDesk March 19, 2014
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