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The realist person you'll ever meet. You don't have to worry about her lying to because she has no reason to. She's short tempered, and when she's set off let her loose. She wanrs to be cuffed, but she also wants to play games with boys to have hoes. She may seem 'stank', but she's so sweet once you get on her good side, which isn't hard to stay on. Lastly, the main thing she wants in life is respect.
Riley: hey do you know Sanjai?

Mike: yeah, who doesn't, she's the coolest person ever!

Riley: right!
by Blac Chyna Child June 18, 2018
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The god of fire, being burnt and spotty
Hes such an ugly sanjai, hes all spotty and deformed
by TheRealRitz123 December 06, 2017
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