Victorious is a TV show sequenced in episodes, created by Nickelodeon. The plot is about the comical adventures of Tori, Andre, Kat, Jade, Beck, Trina, and Robbie (and his ventriloquist puppet Rex), who are students at Hollywood Arts, a high school in California which focuses on theatrical dramas, singing, and acting.

There has been inter-television show contact in previous episodes between the characters of Victorious and iCarly, suggesting that the two stories are based in the same "world".

The audience is focused toward teens and pre-teens. The lead character, Tori Vega, is played by Victoria Justice, a semipopular singer. The producer/director of the show is Dan Schneider, also the previous director of the show iCarly. He is known for introducing the "PearPad", "PearPhone", and overall the "Pear" company as an imitator of the iPad and the iPhone.
Random Person #1: Hey, did you watch Victorious last night?

Random Person #2: Yeah, I loved it.
by SignatureDictionaries February 24, 2013
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The best TV show ever made. PERIODT!!!
Bro, have you watched the new episodes of victorious?
by _Kermit_The_Frog_ May 6, 2020
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A show on Nick that's pretty funny. People disagree cause they thought this show is another girly show about how they can live their dreams. If they watched the show for more than a minute they might now how good it actually is. This new comedy stars the beautiful and talented Victoria Justice who plays Tori Vega. Who is a girl after doing a performance taking her sister Trina Vega(Daniella Monet)place in a performance. and has characters like Cat Valentine(Ariana Grande) another beautiful,and talented girl, Jade West(Elizabeth Gillies), Andre Harris(Leon Thomas 3), Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), and Beck Oliver(Avan Jogia).This show is probably the best Dan Schneider show created sense Drake and Josh. It deals with actual teen problems unlike the other ones.Icarly is just a show about a webshow, and Zoey 101 witch had Victoria Justice in it was just a boarding school that was treated more as Paris cause all the romance.Beating Drake and Josh would be hard but possible for this show. I give it 5 stars.
kid 1: you know what may be the best show on Nick sense Drake and Josh?-Victorious
kid 2: I love that show I can't get enough of Victoria Justice, or Ariana Grande
by Lil Patriot October 16, 2011
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One of the best shows on Nickelodeon created by Dan Schneider, second only to Drake & Josh. Unlike iCarly, the acting is actually pretty good, and some of the actors have even been on Broadway, and unlike Zoey 101, the script is much more realistic, and they have problems other than getting a guy to like them or increasing their popularity.

The show is about a girl named Tori Vega who atends a preforming arts school, along with her sister Trina, her friends Andre, Robbie, Cat, Beck, and Beck's girlfriend Jade, who at first hated Tori, but then eventually becomes her friend.

Despite the fact that they attend a preforming arts school, as the series progresses, it focuses less on "living their dreams" and more on the character's normal teenage problems. For example, Jade can be occasionally insecure when it comes to Beck hanging out with other girls, like in the episode "Jade Dumps Beck", where Jade breaks up with Beck due to her jealousy of him hanging out with a celebrity named Alyssa Vaughn, or in "Wi-Fi in the Sky", where Jade becomes upset, when she learns that Beck is doing a favor for his cheerleader next door neighbor. It is the only show on Nickelodeon currently that deals with real problems of real teens, instead of, "OMG, our webshow doesn't get enough views!" (iCarly) or "I'm a douchebag pop singer who isn't famous enough, whatever will I do?" (Big Time Rush).
*turns on Nickelodeon* "Dang it, Big Time Rush is on, I wanted to watch Victorious!"
by Colon+Right Parentheses=:) January 19, 2011
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Victorious is a great Nickelodeon show..

The first episodes center more on Tori (Victoria Justice), a 16-year-old singer who is accepted in a school of arts called Hollywood Arts for her talent. There she meets, Beck, (Avan Jogia), Andre (Leon Thomas), Cat (Ariana Grande), Jade (Elizabeth Gillies) and Robbie (Matt Bennett), the people who become her group of friends later on. The following episodes then focus less on Tori and more on her friends who become main characters too.

Contrary to what another definition has said about Victorious, it is NOT just a typical and boring show about "believing in yourself, becoming famous and fulfilling your dreams”. Most people who describe Victorious this way didn't even bother to watch past the first or second episode. The show is more about the main character's lives as teenagers than them pursuing their dreams.

I have noticed that many people nowadays hate on all Nick shows that do not have a particularly deep, psychological story full of plot twists (like As told by Ginger or Avatar: the last airbender, which are both amazing shows btw, had), but why would a show absolutely have to be like that to be a good show? That is definitely not the type of show Dan Schneider (the creator of Victorious) wanted to make, so don’t expect to see that kind of show. Victorious is a great COMEDY show that should be watched by people who feel like having a good laugh. And these people will have it if they do watch it.

So, watch it!
Person 1: I'm bored, i want to watch something funny. Any ideas?

Person 2 : Watch Victorious on Nick!
by I<3Victorious December 23, 2010
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One of the show's Nickelodeon is currently shitting out onto tv. About what's-her-slut Victoria Justice (who sucked major cawk to star in the show), who plays a girl that got accepted into a fine arts school in Hollywood. It's all about dancing and singing at school, becoming famous and fufilling your dreams. TOTALLLY ORIGINAL IDEA, RITE? no. The acting is FUCKING TERRIBLE, the songs are all the same shit, and to make it worse it has a laugh track. Terrible writing. All around shitt show. another example of how kid's and teen's network's shows' used to be entertaining and fun, now it's just feeding whatever 13-year-old consumer whores want to be fed. What happened to good televsion?
Claudio: Have you watched that new show Victorious?

A.J.: As much as I can bear. Nickeloden is just adding to the already swollen body of unispired pablum churned out on television for pre-pubescent little girls who actually believe Justin Bieber would waste any time with them.

Claudio: ...Agreed.
by Beauregardio October 5, 2010
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