Sanjay is a guy with a big heart. You’ll be glad to have him in your life. He loves to spread love and he’s always there. Although Sanjay’s can be a bit clingy, it’s just because you mean a lot to them. Cherish a Sanjay. He’s also really handsome but doesn’t know it. He’s usually a brown guy with nice hair. His favorite color is red, and I think he’ll mean a lot to whoever he belongs to. Sanjay’s are a bit sensitive, or a little insensitive, but either way they care.
Wow I wish Sanjay would love me.

Yeah he’s a real keeper.
by Anyway.s December 19, 2018
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Indian/Hindu male name. Means "Victorious" and may come from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
Man, Sanjay sure loves Z jobs even more than pani puri and scotch!
by Ritali December 23, 2016
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Sanjay means Triumphant. Usually people with this name are very smart by brains and handsome by looks. They are the perfect blend of little bit of everything and they make a Perfect Man.
I am waiting for my Sanjay; I would like to marry a Sanjay;
by Ksaj March 22, 2010
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Sanjay is a handsome and charming guy. He is a rare person that you only come across once in your life although at first you may not realize it. But once you do you’ll never want to let him go. He values you and you value him back. He is a very deep person but at the same time light. Considerate and sweet as hell, he will make you blush with out you realizing it. You’ll find yourself thinking about him 24/7 and you won’t want to stop. He has a big heart and isn’t afraid to show it.
Sanjay is the motherfucking goat
by Gangstots April 24, 2020
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Another name for a Indian male with runner's physique and great taste in friends. A "Sanjay" has incredible stamina and can go through fifty condoms in two weeks without becoming dehydrated.
I'm meeting a Sanjay today, I have to conserve energy.
I hear he only eats bananas so he can go all night, what a Sanjay
by Every woman ever and Will March 29, 2015
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Another name for a Indian male of small physique, large feet - rumored to be good in bed...aka pimp daddy
I'm going out with a total Sanjay today- dont let his size fool you
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Being a pimp or a gangster.
Hardcore Gangster
He is such a big sanjay !!!
Sanjay can rock my world :D
by theperfectman April 30, 2009
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