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A unique living being who is likely to be misunderstood and hard to conbecause of their differences compared to other individuals. These living things seem to look like humans, which they are; but have another type of species gene, which makes them very different from those, as we know are human beings. Many of those who do own this name are likely to be isolated or they might just isolate themselves because of differences between them and another human being. They are known to be very well actors. Which means any characteristic shown to them is easy to mock. Sangai's can also be animals, usually a confusion is caused between them and a deer because of the resemblance. Just like how a "human" sangai would look just like. A regular basic human being
As a regular human would , holler or a call a name.

A deer must be a Sangai because it looks alike
by EyeCyou24 March 15, 2017
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One of the different forms of lord buddha in tibetan mythology.
The monastery was in the name of sangay.
by rachel_2345 June 27, 2014
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People named Sangay usually tend to be the coolest person in the room. They are usually laid back and positive.They are named Sangay after a form of Lord Buddha
Man, he acts like a sangay,I love hanging out with him
by CappieShootsLikeLamelo May 16, 2019
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Sangay is one of the many forms of lord Buddha. The name is commonly given to people. A person named Sangay is the best person you can have in your life. He will be supportive,kind,caring,loving and sweet. He has his time to be intelligent but will never show off. He is selfless and worthy to have as a friend. But, you need to remember that he has his storms as well and if you stick by him, you'll never regret it.
Sangay:Thanks for being there for me Jam
Jam:I would stay for you no matter what,Sangay
by Coffee_crackhead October 17, 2021
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A faget indian, who is not good looking, as weak as a stick, doesn't have any skills, sucks at art, sucks at computer, is horrible at guitar, can't draw, doesn't have money, is short, is horrible at conversations with anybody, not smart, really slow. REALLY embarrasingly slow, not good at any sports.You get the idea.
You smell like Sangay.
by Derrick November 14, 2004
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Sangay is a person who is gay and has a crush on lekden. He has a small dick and likes to have sex with boys. He Thinks he looks like Zuko from avatar even though he is very chubby and looks the complete opposite. He doesn’t need to get donuts cause they are filled in his stomach and he wants to rape lhazen in the ass. His under eyes are like bowls, who can even eat cereal out of it. He tried to have and be lekden and is overall a big bitch, his breath smells like armpits and he says the n word all the time even though he isn’t black. Tried to act like he is from the hood even though he is asian. He also lives in New York City, woodside, so if you wanna pull up to his area and beat the shit out of him; go ahead! His bitch racist ass deserves it.
Go get sangay at New York City, queens, woodside near ps.11 school to beat the shit out of his racist ass
by Sangay is a dumb bitch August 10, 2020
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