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1 definition by EyeCyou24

A unique living being who is likely to be misunderstood and hard to conbecause of their differences compared to other individuals. These living things seem to look like humans, which they are; but have another type of species gene, which makes them very different from those, as we know are human beings. Many of those who do own this name are likely to be isolated or they might just isolate themselves because of differences between them and another human being. They are known to be very well actors. Which means any characteristic shown to them is easy to mock. Sangai's can also be animals, usually a confusion is caused between them and a deer because of the resemblance. Just like how a "human" sangai would look just like. A regular basic human being
As a regular human would , holler or a call a name.

A deer must be a Sangai because it looks alike
by EyeCyou24 March 15, 2017
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