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1 definition by Sangay is a dumb bitch

Sangay is a person who is gay and has a crush on lekden. He has a small dick and likes to have sex with boys. He Thinks he looks like Zuko from avatar even though he is very chubby and looks the complete opposite. He doesn’t need to get donuts cause they are filled in his stomach and he wants to rape lhazen in the ass. His under eyes are like bowls, who can even eat cereal out of it. He tried to have and be lekden and is overall a big bitch, his breath smells like armpits and he says the n word all the time even though he isn’t black. Tried to act like he is from the hood even though he is asian. He also lives in New York City, woodside, so if you wanna pull up to his area and beat the shit out of him; go ahead! His bitch racist ass deserves it.
Go get sangay at New York City, queens, woodside near ps.11 school to beat the shit out of his racist ass
by Sangay is a dumb bitch August 10, 2020
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