Same thing as saying what the fuck? but fo people who add dramatic effect with more cussing.
dude: did u hear sally totaly flashed the principal?

dude2: what the fuck fuck fuck!
by conwhor3 April 28, 2009
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When a large amount of fuckery occurs involving a convention show runner and you are at a loss for words
James owes everyone how much money?! What the Frazier fuck!
by BeckInPdx October 25, 2019
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What you say when the classic "what the fuck" wont suffice, may also be abbreviated as WTFF for texters.
Man 1: Dude did you hear my brother got my mom pregnant?

Man 2: What The Figgity Fuck?!?
by I got you back July 13, 2009
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Take a standard "What the fuck?", multiply by a level of disbelief or incredulity, and then you have "What the ACTUAL fuck?".
Someone parks in two spaces, you exclaim "What the ACTUAL fuck?",
Someone gets up in your face, you shout "What the ACTUAL fuck?".
by DollyDolittle May 27, 2011
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Used to class up and/or multiply the sound of a standard 'what the fuck'.

Compare to 'what the actual fuck'.
'Hey bro, I shit on a banana peel on satursunday.'
'What the literal fuck?'
by Theseus Despaard October 25, 2013
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exasperation; total disbelief; suprise; When what the fuck just isn't enough.

When used by itself:
Usually heard coming from the garage or the basement when your dad finds his tools missing or broken.

Used in conjunction with:
-is wrong with you!
-are you doing?
-is this shit?
after same dad confronts you.
Dad:(finding his tools missing) WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK!

Dad:(finding you with a plunger up your ass)WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK is wrong with you!

Dad:(finding your stash under the bed) WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK is this shit?
by The Big Bad One May 29, 2009
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