A sanders is a person who can tell it like it is while having the balls to do what he wants when he wants. He is a made man who has finally made it to the big time, a true baller. A real sanders exhibits an exuberant knowledge the finer things in life that are often not experienced by common society, such as an eye for fine automobiles, a refined taste in women and is a cannabis connoisseur.
Hey bro, you looked like a true sanders when you were yolkin that maro with a J hangin' off your lip.

Only a true sanders could roll a joint like Bob Marly.

Wow, look at those two fine beezys with the homie!Hes sure is one hell of a sanders!
by Yadda Fiendizz Stickydankis December 04, 2008
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a well-respected, brilliant leader of men, but a teddy bear at heart. It's probably why it's the name over Winnie the Pooh's door.
There was complete and utter chaos until Sanders arrived, then there was a warm and fuzzy feeling over all...
by crazyassdispatcher August 04, 2007
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an extremely fat individual, derives from the KFC Sanders, due to the amount of deep frieables they have there.
wow that wide load is a sanders and a half.
that sanders just ate it's way through africa.
what time is it when a sanders eats your house? time to bail before that fat shit eats you to.
by Luke Sutton January 03, 2006
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To waste, not finish, or no take advantage of an opportunity.
When someone leaves the last little bit in a beer-"Hey, are you going to sander that beer?"
by 961 April 30, 2007
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When a person asks the smoker to pass the marijuana to him/her, but people keep passing it to other people and ignoring that person.
stoner's friend: "you only got one hit off that blunt!"

stoner: "Yeah I got sandered."

stoner's friend: "yeah you got sandered so hard bro!!!"
by community_high_school January 07, 2010
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A guy who is just to awesome for others. He is his own league.
Wow I wish I was a Sander
by Beast Face June 02, 2015
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N: Sander- A stoner-type. Friends with almost everyone, mostly for the fact that they always have weed.

V: Sander- to smoke weed.

Adj: Sandered- to be stoned.
Carson: Dude, I totally got sander'd yesterday

Karli: How much sander did you sander?

Carson: I'm not sure. Aks Sander.
by Taylrr April 11, 2007
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