To wake up early in the morning in the dead of winter with the sole intent of taking an excessively long shower. A true Sander is done when you know that everyone else is waiting and relying on a shower to get them through the day. Getting Sandered may result in a pathological phenomenon known as an "undeSANDERED" testicle when your roommates attempt to shower after you.
Hey man, make it quick. I got Sandered yesterday and my balls still haven't dropped back down.
by hypoxic drive March 03, 2010
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Means a real major fat shit, derives from KFC. can also be used to bag people of the same name.
check out that fat sanders
That Andrew Sanders is a real fat shit coz his last name is Sanders which refers to a fat shit.
by Luke Sutton January 03, 2006
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Homoerotic ball loving cunt-bag, who thrives on receiving male genitalia via oral or anal situations, lacking but not limited to a personality, charm, whit, charisma, intelligence, morality, or manliness; feels the need to have sex with anything greater than or equal to 1 but less than 5 in an attempt to cover up true sexuality.
He thinks he is so fucking cool, but he's just a sanders
by bobbuilder145 May 20, 2010
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an extremely fat individual, derives from the KFC Sanders, due to the amount of deep frieables they have there.
wow that wide load is a sanders and a half.
that sanders just ate it's way through africa.
what time is it when a sanders eats your house? time to bail before that fat shit eats you to.
by Luke Sutton January 03, 2006
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