The man. The myth. The Legend.

The author of "The German Table" and a professor at Keuka College he is only known by the name "Sander."
"Man, I got Sander in 5 minutes. Some shit."
by Mr. Gonzalez November 27, 2007
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He is the definition of boring and always stays in his room and studies. He never has any fun and his parents don’t help with that. he’s very fast but that doesn’t help with the boring like life he has.
omg sanders is so boring we need to send him to an amusement park
by mel (a true legend) October 28, 2019
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To receive a handjob from a girl wearing rings.
Ow damn, I got a sander from Sarah yesterday, that shit hurt like hell
by -=RUCKER=- June 09, 2004
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A bleached haired guy from Wtfock (Skam belgium) who everyone cherishes and loves, even though he continues to break our hearts, but he’s hot as fuck and baby so we forgive him.
Sander is our bleached blonde bitch and we love him.

Sander will be with Robbe forever.
by Roadie for life December 03, 2019
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to act/be crazy. usually in the context of over analyzing or obsessing about a situation.
"Oh no, she is about to go all sanders on you!"
by swed89 November 19, 2012
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