noun 1. One who enjoys male company, especially in the shower

adj. 2. Possible gay tendencies; enjoys sleeping in the rain

verb 3. To try and jump into one's own shorts
1. I don't hang out with him anymore because he is a homosexual sander.

2. He is so sander; he told me that he once stayed up all night to listen to the patter of the rain on the window.

3. I almost ROOFLED myself to death when he sandered into his boxers.
by Da Sal June 22, 2005
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When a man has facial hair stuble and grinds it into a chicks snatch.
I was munching on Sally's snatch a gave her a Sander with my chin. She was excited.
by Congo May 10, 2005
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Requirements: 1 Male, 1 Female, 1 KFC Boneless Bucket.

Description: The Act of a Female performing Oral Sex on the male - whilst he enjoys eating a "Kentucky Friend Chicken; Boneless Bucket"
Toby: "Guys, guess what?! Jamie just gave me a Sanders!"
Other people: "Omg, you have won the Internets."
by KEVII Anonymous November 27, 2011
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Sander is a tall and lanky person. He is a nice guy who always wants to help out, he drives his friends home from school, give them daus for only 3kr. When a Sander is in your friend group you know you are gonna have a good time out. But when it comes to drinking he is not very competitive. A Sander is slow and unathletic. A Sander thinks he can get girls but in reality hooks up with the same trash hes been with the past 10 times, this event happens mostly when hes gotten a bit too much to drink.
Person 1: Hey Sander wanna come pre drink with the boys?
Sander: Is that even a question!?
A couple hours later...
Person 2: Hey Sander! What did you bring?
Sander: Ah just a 6pack of strawberry mokai.
Person 1,2,3,4,5,6: Kinda sus ngl.
by KongJulian81 October 07, 2020
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Sanders is a sweet girl that always has boys chasing her. She can attract a boy like no other! She has a nice body and a beautiful personality. She can make anyone laugh within a few seconds. Sanders always makes a party better. She is a great friend that everyone needs to have.
Invite that girl sanders, you know the one that all the boys chase. you have to invite her she’s the life of the party!
by Kevin.99473 July 03, 2019
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A really cool and kind guy.
He has somewhat curly long hair.
A greay guy to get to know.
He may appear shy at the start but he is very outgoing.
He wears very cute graphic tees.
"Hey did you see Sander the other day? He helped an old lady cross the street. Isn't he so kind."
by JellyLittle August 07, 2015
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