Referring to the City of San Francisco. Usually used by Inland or Southern Californians or other non-Bay Area natives. Most Bay-Area residents refer to San Francisco simply as "the City".
Tourist: Let's go to San Fran!

Bay Area Resident: You mean, the City.

Tourist: Right.....
by NorCal_Ryan October 30, 2006
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The most annoying way possible to refer to the City of San Francisco. Even more annoying than calling it Frisco. Frisco is actually endearing by comparison.
Duh, I'm going to San Fran. Duh-har har.

(Gets punched in the face).
by doughnuts October 11, 2011
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Referring to San Fransisco in California.
The game tonight will be San Fran and Miami.
by SAMiiZLe September 4, 2006
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A gay act where 2 penises intertwine.
Carlos: Ohh ya, that gay sex is great! Oh shit we just San Fran dookued our penises.

Steve: I actually kinda like it
by Carlossmith98420 May 28, 2020
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That feeling you get when the fog is rushing into the City, the bay is blue and all the hodgepodge of the City's population is out and about. No judgments, no intolerance.
Walking to the Ferry Building gave me a total San Fran zen.
by eurekadouglass June 10, 2006
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a bloodly or glazed bowl movment resulting from rough anal intercourse.
lance:i passed out in san fransisco and my ass really hurts.
Carl: just wait till u have the san fran shit.
by RED I August 19, 2006
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When during maturation the males ejaculate is expelled colliding with the underside of his chin.
I was having a wank last night and gave myself a san fran uppercut.
by Moe St Cool June 12, 2017
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