Bomb ass girl scout cookies with the drizzled chocolate zigzags on the top.
I better get some samoas before I kill you all.
by Gnappy May 19, 2007
samoa is a pacific island nation. formerly a british and then german colony, new zealand took control after WWI. the samoans, traditionally a reseliant people, despised new zealand control, and in the style of gandhi, used non-violence to eventually win independence. to americans, samoa is known for producing a number of football offensive and defensive lineman.
samoa produced kimo von olhoffen.
by Ben E. Hama January 31, 2007
n. The best cookie that the girl scouts sell.
Ingredients: Crispy cookie, chocolate, caramel, coconut.

Girlscout: Would you like to buy some cookies?

Me: Sure, I'll take two boxes of Samoas please.

Girlscout: I'm sorry we're all out of Samoas. The only kind we have available are Thanks-A-Lot's.

Me: Thanks-A-Lot's!? What the fuck are Thanks-A-Lot's!? No one wants that shit!
by anonymousplatypus February 28, 2008
A single word used to ask for additional helpings of food. Usage was so prominent throughout multiple generations, that an entire culture was built around a group of individuals that want "Samoa" food.
Man 1: Hey Fa'kele did you already eat?

Man 2: Yeah. But can I have Samoa?
by DR RELEVANT February 3, 2020
A polynesian Island. (islanders)

Strongest Nastion.
La’u Samoa
by thaRealmfknG February 5, 2021
To perform an outstanding feat that requires equal parts stamina and obesity.
After eating shrimp for two hours straight, Super China Buffet management had me escorted from the restaurant. I Samoa Joed that joint!
by Dear Dixie July 11, 2008
a Dominate champion in Ring of Honor who was dethroned thanks to Austin Aries in late 2004.
DAMN, Samoa Joe has held the Ring of Honor championship for almost 2 years!
by Mikey K January 2, 2005