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= SAMO started as an inside joke when
Jean-Michel Basquiat and a few of his friends were still teenagers, they tagged funny/thought-provoking lines all over NYC (especially SoHo) in the 70s. sometimes they were plays on words.. everyone was tryin to figure out who the hell was behind them.

they were smokin pot talkin about how everything is just the 'Same ol shit..
by 72 May 13, 2004
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Short for "Santa Monica High School" or the city of Santa Monica, CA in general.
Man: What school do you go to?
Boy: I go to Samo
by Richmo May 14, 2007
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Acronym for Sad About Missing Out.
Similar to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) but refers to the situation when you have already missed out or will definitely miss out on something.
I had so much SAMO because I couldn't go to Burning Man this year :(
via giphy
by tonglam September 18, 2016
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An abbreviation for the city of Santa Monica, CA, as well as Santa Monica High School. "Samohi" is more commonly referenced to Santa Monica High School, while "Samo" is a more popular reference to the city.
"Can we meet in Samo tonight?"
"Don't say Santa Monica. To many syllables. We refer to it as Samo"
by D1138 June 25, 2009
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Same Old Shit
Sam Old, and u retur to the S to say Shit, thats make a circle of same shit ;)
u dont need example
by Bowts June 25, 2007
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When you watch The Lord of the Rings and you ship Sam and Frodo. Once you do this, you can not unsee how oddly right this is. And how Sam is always so worried about Frodo. It's meant to be!
You are watching The Lord of the Rings with a friend, and Sam is with Frodo in a shot of the movie.

You: OMG!! Every time Sam and Frodo are together, it just brings samo back to life so much more.
Friend: Yes!!!! It's meant to be!!!!
You: Omg!!! They're so fucking cute with each other!!!
You and Friend: *squeals*
by hyintstudd shit February 25, 2017
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