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A town in Wiltshire where everyone is a fucking chav. It is home of South Wilts School for Girls (the lesbian grammar school) and WSE (the roadman school). If you attend either of these schools.....YOU'RE A NONCE. Salisury also has a maccies where roadmen, chavs, gypsys AND grammar school kids are often found on the loose.

There are other schools such as St Joes where you have fat asians and skinny gingers. Theres Bishops Wordsworth Grammar as well which is just privileged sex offenders. If you are lucky you may find a depressed South Wilts girl walking around the close because they have been nonced up by another teacher. Sometimes you may spot a shit ton of year 7s and 8s in lizzies high of poundland sweets.
Person 1: Salisbury? You live in Salisbuy? Fuck sake whos pregnant now???
by getsheft6789 August 08, 2019

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