How the Corinians say hello and goodbye.
Try not to shed no tears. Salame! Salame!
by digit March 9, 2007
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Used by the Corinnians to say "Hello" and "Good Bye"

Can also be used as praise for accomplishing a mediocre task, or something someone fucked up on.
"Salame my Niggas"

"I got my girlfriend pregnant"
by Corinnian69 March 27, 2007
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Hello and good bye is the main interpretation. However, the root derives from the Corriniean language. Knowledge is power.
"It grows like a flower."
by INARAINBOWS October 11, 2007
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tonto, tontin, stupid, dumb, used in Argentine slang.
"Que te pasa salame, no podes ser tan tonto"
by afa78djd December 21, 2008
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The mokst badass dragon in the entire mother fucking galaxy. Will rip your balls if you touch him.
I'll ride a Salamence tonight hope I don't get my bals ripped.
by ErwinTheMotherFucker November 27, 2016
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1.In arabic: peace
2.In persian/Farsi: hello
2."salam chetori?" means "hi how are you?"
by Nastaran November 8, 2006
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