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(n) A game where you take object like a crushed pop can or a hacky sack, and you kick the object through the legs of another participant. The other players then yell "Salade" (pronounced "sal-lad" ) and kick the person until they reach "home" which can be a tree or a door or a wall, etc.

(Originally an East Toronto game from the mid 1980's, which is still played today. Usually is banned by the school after a student breaks their arm, leg, gets a collapsed lung, etc.)
by MoebiusStrip February 27, 2005
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(n) A game played during recess invented by children in a Markham, Ontario Canada elementary school in the late 1980's.
An old soda pop can is kicked amongst the participants. If it goes between your legs, the other children are free to kick and beat on you until you run to a designated "safe" spot.
Here's and old can! Let's play some salade!
by keyshaw May 04, 2004
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