Like hell, except colder and with more sushi restaurants.
Markham, Ontario = It's like hell frozen over.
by Lol Wutterson January 19, 2009
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A city in Ontario, Canada located directly above Toronto, being the most populated city in the 905 area (suck it Vaughan). A lot of the population is Asian immigrants and in some areas it's so Asian you would probably think you were in China or Taiwan.

Nothing is really notable about this city, other than that the graphics card manufacturer ATI was founded here before it was bought by AMD in 2006, and the Dodgeball World Championships were here held at the city's Pan Am Centre last year.
Person 1: Dude, did you see the Dodgeball World Championships in Markham, Ontario? It was awesome!

Person 2: Where the hell is Markham?
by Xx_ToiletSlayer_xX February 26, 2018
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