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A "zone" or area in which a human being feels safe - usually some place familiar, where they feel they have some control over what happens.

A "safe zone" can be a phyiscal place or even a state of mind - one can be "outside their safe zone" when standing in front of a crowd, giving a speech.
I get very nervous in front of a crowd of people, so that is obviously not part of my safe zone.

He's very familiar with the town he lives in; therefore, a sudden move would likely take him out of his safe zone.
by Kenjoki November 28, 2006
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I am a melomaniac.
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An area or "zone" set up usually by colleges and or other types of academic institutions mostly for the Millennial or "cupcake" generation. Due to this generation of adults lacking any real ability to stand on their own two feet and lacking any ability to handle any type of criticism whether constructive or not, these spaces were erected so that Millennials can safely run and hide if they feel threatened by anything that older generations can take with stride. Also can be used by African-Americans who still think the "white man" owes them everything.
I cracked a joke about Matt's new blue hairdo and he promptly ran to the school safe zone where he proceeded to piss his pants and hug onto a teddy bear for 16 hours.
by 6 Pounds Soft November 24, 2016
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safezone is a word to describe where grown men and women go to cry about anything that bothers them in life. In safezones people bring puppys so the liberal men and women can pet while they cry. There is another term to describe safezones also. It is one of the 10 cities in america where liberal whimps have therapy sessions by burning and looting while terrorizing older people or women that cant protect themselves. It is a safezone because they know that 95% of the rest of the country will kick their fucking head in.
OMG Robert!!! Hillary clinton lost so lets go to our safezones and cry with each other and pet puppies then we can burn cars and beat up old people
by meat master0519 November 11, 2016
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n. a neutral territory posessing no hostile energies. violence is not possible in these places.
my car is my safe zone.
by t3r^ July 14, 2006
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A place where spoiled students cry about their issues and think it would be solved by just talking about it.
Ron went to the safe zone to cry over the victory of Donald Trump
by realistsforpower November 16, 2016
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The place you go upon smoking hydro, bush, or taking some sort of pain medication.
It prevents you from leaving certain areas of your house, or work place, or wherever you are when you've "safe-zoned".

This is the most comfortable place in the entire world. Nothing bad can happen to you when you're in the safe zone, even if you're watching the creepiest movie, it's always best to do it from inside your safe zone.
Can be a hazard at times. If you safe zone your bed, and need to get food, it becomes a problem because you're rendered unable to leave. Something inside of you wont let you leave the safe zone

On rare occasions, when you've safe zoned too much, you begin to safe zone when you're straight, creating a bit more of a problem if you need to get up and out of your house to do shit.

The act of safe zoning is so infectious that soon enough, your friends will be doing it too. It's fun when you've all safe zoned together.
"I safe zoned the couch, and now I can't leave to get the phone"

"Sorry man I safe zoned as soon as I got home, we can hang out later on"

"Man, I can't leave"
"I'm in my safe zone, can you get me a drink?"
"Just get up and get it"
"I cant. I can't leave this room"
by meeeee12 August 30, 2009
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