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A "zone" or area in which a human being feels safe - usually some place familiar, where they feel they have some control over what happens.

A "safe zone" can be a phyiscal place or even a state of mind - one can be "outside their safe zone" when standing in front of a crowd, giving a speech.
I get very nervous in front of a crowd of people, so that is obviously not part of my safe zone.

He's very familiar with the town he lives in; therefore, a sudden move would likely take him out of his safe zone.
by Kenjoki November 28, 2006
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A state of being protected from harm or otherwise negative impacts; which can be used in description of both animate and inanimate objects.

Also, an object designed to protect other objects (or, depending on its size, possibly people).
I feel safe here, like nothing can harm me.
Will you keep me safe?

Put my money in the safe, I don't want it to be stolen.
by Kenjoki December 04, 2006
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