Slang for a very gorgeous or hot girl. Originated in the South due to the famous celebrity known as Tressa Schmick who is well known for her poetry, family status, hair, and brilliant blue eyes.
That girl is so Tressa. or She so Tressa.
by Marley Jones July 11, 2008
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Noun: A bad ass mofo who likes to get down and dirty. Loves the expression "What?!", and usually has a very noticeable laugh. Stay out of her way, when Tressa is mad nothing can stop her. Avoid her at all costs.

Verb: to cause physical abuse, afflict, belt, bite, blemish, bruise, burn, cramp, cut, cut up, damage, disable, do violence, flail, flog, harm, impair, injure, kick, lacerate, lash, maltreat, mar, maul, mess up, nip, pierce, pinch, pommel, prick, pummel, punch, puncture, punish, rough up, shake up, slap, slug, smart, spank, spoil, squeeze, stab, sting, tear, throb, torment, torture, trouble, wax, whack, whip, wing, wound, wrack up, wring, and pain to innocent by-standers;
"Tressa, you just missed the last episode of Doctor Who."
"What?!, I'll kill you!
by walmartcashier July 16, 2011
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A very nice girl who will be there for you in any moment. She loves to have fun and make people laugh. But when she meets a hot guy she'll go crazy to be his girlfriend.
Wow look at Tressa she just dropped all her stuff to help someone.
by My life is great April 1, 2018
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Tressa’s are always fun to be around. Thy are super funny and always know how to make you laugh if you are down in the dumps. They like to pull all-nighters with their friends. And are always game to try new things.
You are such a Tressa.

by October 26, 2019
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The type of hoe that would ride your dick while expecting you to feed her Mac and cheese at the same time. Typically can be found fucking guys in the Dillars changing rooms
Damn did you hear about that girl who got caught riding dick and eating Mac and cheese in the Dillards changing rooms?

Must have been Tressa
by Yayan28 January 26, 2017
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What you call someone who is a total and complete meth head but has the police on speed dial.
When Tressa heard a moped outside she dropped her crack pipe and called the FBI to report a stalker, turned out to be a pizza guy delivering a pizza across the street.
by Tressa McCrackHead-Online Meth September 8, 2022
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