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Trade name for Quetiapine, a moderately potent second-generation antipsychotic drug. At therapeutic doses it is effective in the relief of pychoses both chronically and acutely. This drug also possesses mood stabilising and antidepressant properties, and trials have shown its efficacy in the treatment of both the manic and depressive phases of bipolar disorders and cyclothymia.

Seroquel also possesses anxiolytic qualities and is prescribed for some anxiety disorders.

Despite the absence of euphoria, or any physical rush, seroquel does have street value particularly in prisons where it is highly valued for its sedating properties. Some members of the public use seroquel to attenuate comedowns from amphetamines and stimulants.

Despite hearsay, it is not addictive, although a withdrawal syndrome does exist and the drug must be stopped gradually. The drug does not cause cancer.

Side effects include weight gain, somnolence and ataxia. EPSP is rare.
Ben's life has improved since he was started on Seroquel.
by MrKapper Is Back December 13, 2012

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This was head and shoulders the most popular and least tolerable sound produced by a living organism in the year 2012. The sound of a walrus pair mating was a distant second place, and Paris Hilton having an orgasm was third.

Unfortunately gangnam style spurned a meme which spanned the internet in a matter of days. Its popularity is attributable to dull-normal Caucasians, who largely seem to find the "asian" pop aspect novel and funny. The producer of the sound does not mind, because he has made a fortune.

The sound thoroughly appeals to 6-8 year-olds, although some teens have attempted exploiting and emulating the accompanying dance for kicks (or an attempt to get laid) at parties.

Less enjoyable than Katy Perry, and marginally more enjoyable than a saucer of dog shit. May be used by the military as an interrogation technique when played on loop.
My six year old brother loves Gangnam style.

Look at that drunkard, doing Gangnam style. What a sad case.

Look, Omar, if you don't tell us who's hiding the rest of these explosives, we're going to have to go Gangnam on your ass.
by MrKapper Is Back December 18, 2012

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1. Of or relating to psychosis or psychoses, particularly behaviour associated with them. Psychotic behaviour occurs when a person is suffering psychoses, which may be the result of a chronic illness (classically schizophrenia) or very transient in which case it is usually caused by intoxicants. In any case, "psychotic" by definition means "of or relating to psychoses" therefore only behaviour that is due to a psychosis is truly "psychotic" by extension. A psychosis represents loss of contact with reality; it may or may not include delusional, paranoid or disorganised behaviour.

2. Informal and erroneous, though by far the most common lay usage. Refers to extreme behaviour that appears exaggerated, dangerously violent, or motivated by extreme rage. Is usually frightening to observers.
1. The young man entered a psychotic state and responded only to the same "Sigma," an entity he believed had gained remote control of his cortex during a recent abduction.

2. "Just saw the most intense road rage ever. This psychotic guy got out of his car with a club and started smashing the other dude's windows in"
by MrKapper Is Back November 20, 2012

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Synonymous with big wig, big shot, etc, but more derogatory.

Usually the affluent and successful owner or senior manager of an establishment that neglects taking responsibility and shirks responding to complaints. Hence, a contemptible person who causes much grief to many people but is never around to be held to account.
"I said pubes in my fucking burger, do you need me to spell it out to you? Someone get me the manager! Put him on the phone right this moment. I want to talk to the big dicks who run this joint and give them a piece of my fucking mind! I am THIS close to suing this place into the ground."
by MrKapper Is Back November 20, 2012

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The weirdest guy in music at the moment.

Fronts Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. This band is amazing to see live when one is hallucinating.

See "Menopause Man," "Round and Round," and "Only in my dreams" if you want to sample their unique sound.
Saw Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti live and it was the best experience of my life.
by MrKapper Is Back January 02, 2013

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A contemptible and depraved individual, one whose actions are an embarrassment to himself and/or others.
That kid is a level SR130 on Halo 4 and it's only been out for a month. What a sad case.

That kid spends half his days on Facebook rummaging through his news feed. What a sad case.

That girl cares about what people say on Facebook. What a sad case.
by MrKapper Is Back December 29, 2012

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The lowest difficulty setting for the campaign in the Halo series of video games. One notch below Normal difficulty.

In Halo 3 the accompanying description for easy difficulty was "The game basically plays itself."

Great for beginners or speed-runners (see definition of speed running).
Tim usually played on Legendary difficulty but set it to easy for his six-year-old brother who'd never played Halo before.
by MrKapper Is Back December 12, 2012

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