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The address of your local McDonald's.

Not to be confused with McAddress, which is the term used by McDonald's staff to refer to your place of residence for the purposes of McDelivery.
In order to consume McDonald's food we must first commute to the vicinity of the MAC address.

Jonathon could not remember his MAC address so he went to KFC instead.
by MrKapper Is Back October 28, 2015
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A newcomer to success; being new to wealth, and having relatively little culture, he spends it without caution or prudence, often with a penchant for the very modern or fashionable. Essentially he begins to do all the things he thinks a wealthy person ought to do, and in the process draws a lot of attention to himself.

He is easily told apart from those more accustomed to affluence by his preference for brand new, convertible German sports cars, and frequenting expensive, highly-visible chic cafeterias for lunch. Everything he wears is brand new. His taste in art is poor or lacking. He lacks essential social graces and may have little or no sense of humour. Anyone caught being on the cellphone en route to the golf course is probably a JCL.

Essentially he remains a socialite, so he is likely to be seen amongst other JCLs and, when not playing golf, an entourage of young, good looking but always overdressed gold-digging women desperately trying to fall pregnant to him.
"So, the Vittoria for lunch?"
"I avoid that cafe, it's full of johnny come latelies."
"I must say, that entire shopping centre is the same. I saw this johnny come lately perusing the jewelry store window while on his cellphone talking about golf"
"It's the suburb. Full of rich youngsters and soccer moms."
"I concur. Let's go to a bar downtown instead."
"Sweet. At least the women there want more than our wallets"
"I was thinking along similar lines."
"Let's not tell our wives"
"Let's not"
by MrKapper Is Back November 21, 2012
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A psychotropic medicine used in the treatment of bipolar affective disorders (BPAD or in lay terms just "bipolar").

Despite being the oldest established drug treatment of bipolar disorders, it remains the most effective. It is effective in all four domains of treating BPAD: Mania treatment, mania relapse prevention, depression treatment and depression relapse prevention.

Side effects include weight gain, acne and diminished thyroid function.

Lithium is extremely toxic in overdose.
No other medication worked, so the doctor prescribed me Lithium. It worked great.
by MrKapper Is Back December 19, 2012
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The weirdest guy in music at the moment.

Fronts Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. This band is amazing to see live when one is hallucinating.

See "Menopause Man," "Round and Round," and "Only in my dreams" if you want to sample their unique sound.
Saw Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti live and it was the best experience of my life.
by MrKapper Is Back January 2, 2013
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An ill-bred generic male hanger-on who flirts with everything that moves. Cads are often found in high numbers in clubs, music festivals and beach parties. Somewhat synonymous with jock. Cads prize pack mentality over individualism and may be hard to tell apart. Cads lack manners and social graces and are particularly fond of cat-calling and swooning.

Less educated young women may find themselves seduced by a cad, but experienced ladies are immune to the cad's infantile behaviour and unrefined advances.
The beach volleyball area is full of cads. Good for eye candy and not much else
by MrKapper Is Back December 12, 2012
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Synonymous with big wig, big shot, etc, but more derogatory.

Usually the affluent and successful owner or senior manager of an establishment that neglects taking responsibility and shirks responding to complaints. Hence, a contemptible person who causes much grief to many people but is never around to be held to account.
"I said pubes in my fucking burger, do you need me to spell it out to you? Someone get me the manager! Put him on the phone right this moment. I want to talk to the big dicks who run this joint and give them a piece of my fucking mind! I am THIS close to suing this place into the ground."
by MrKapper Is Back November 21, 2012
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This was head and shoulders the most popular and least tolerable sound produced by a living organism in the year 2012. The sound of a walrus pair mating was a distant second place, and Paris Hilton having an orgasm was third.

Unfortunately gangnam style spurned a meme which spanned the internet in a matter of days. Its popularity is attributable to dull-normal Caucasians, who largely seem to find the "asian" pop aspect novel and funny. The producer of the sound does not mind, because he has made a fortune.

The sound thoroughly appeals to 6-8 year-olds, although some teens have attempted exploiting and emulating the accompanying dance for kicks (or an attempt to get laid) at parties.

Less enjoyable than Katy Perry, and marginally more enjoyable than a saucer of dog shit. May be used by the military as an interrogation technique when played on loop.
My six year old brother loves Gangnam style.

Look at that drunkard, doing Gangnam style. What a sad case.

Look, Omar, if you don't tell us who's hiding the rest of these explosives, we're going to have to go Gangnam on your ass.
by MrKapper Is Back December 18, 2012
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