A person who has a better life in the sims than in real life
"Look at billy, he's such a Sad boi"
by Gronk beard July 2, 2020
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A boy that is sad and depressed all the time.He likes listening to Xxxtentacion and lil peep everyday,His favorite song from Xxxtentacion was guardian angle and lil Peep the way I see things. He is always in his room all alone because he didn’t wanted to talk to anybody.
by A sad boy May 24, 2019
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A boy that listens to sad music and doesn’t socialize that well he will just stare at nothing and think of his past and future , people will think his gay because his listens to sad music and post sad stuff on his story/status but his really not gay he just know how to express his feelings and most men are too afraid to express it.

Sad Boys can really open up their feelings and let u read them , they talented and they different

Some listen to Juice WRLD and some are Emo and some gets heart broken every single time they go on a date it’s really tough for those boys
Sad Boy example

Friend: Why you sad?
Me: It’s nothing

Friend: You a b**ch because you listen to sad music

Me: Atleast I can express my feelings unlike you , u can’t even get a proper girl , all your girls are hoes
Friend: (Damn his right I am a pussy I can’t even express what I feel)
by Nuahh April 22, 2021
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A "sad boi" AKA "an insecure pleasure seeking new age emo moron" Is typically a zoomer that ranges from 14 all the way up to 20. This "sad boi" will have anything but stunning features stylistically. It is comprised of overly priced generic t shirts with oriental characters, hoodies, joggers and possibly a hat if they don't have birds nest tik tok perm hair.

A sad boi is usually too busy professing how little he cares about the world and yet he will do anything to prove himself to it ergo he truly does care but this is how they manipulate emotionally immature females and lure them into their beds. Sad bois are very nihilistic, and lack the ability to be introspective and be honest with themselves.

Sad Bois usually are attractive facially and charming to unsuspecting emotionally immature females despite their unstable mentalities that surface later on. Sad Bois have an inability to grow up and always resort to nostalgia and fake 80s/90s music because they are so fake they can't even acknowledge the real things and the reality of their own reality.
Yo John?

Yea bro?

See that sad boi over their?

Yea that dude needs to grow up and stop seeking attention, he needs to stop feeding his selfish carnal cravings, and people need to be careful of these guys. Not only are they a danger to society mentally, but they are a danger to themselves.
by Prosecutor of Nihilism January 21, 2021
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Sad boy ( Also spelled as '' Sad boii '' ) is a way to describe someone who is low in life or cant do something right.
DeShawn: Yo dat nigga got denied by Renay.

Dwayne: Thats cause he a Sad boy
by 206Seatown February 8, 2014
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One who is always sad
Currently finds themselves listening to drake and wearing bucket hats
He never leeavs the house! He's such a sad boy!
by Sad bae January 25, 2015
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A teenage boy who has no reason to be so depressed but insists that he has it bad. He thrift shops and wears bucket hats, jncos, fila sandals with socks and black overalls. Fanny packs are ok too. They’re usually seen eating fire hot Cheetos and drinking Arizona ice tea. He dates anyone who wants to be sad with him and their significant others are typically not the best looking people. A sad boy would claim that it’s all bout the mental connection and not about the physical. He is not about labeling. And the thought of straight edge people putting him in a category would make him laugh.

They believe they’re oh so unique and artsy, and their creativity is fueled by their depression.
Why does he have to be such a sad boy. Doesn’t he see he can get cute girls if only dressed normal and stopped moping around.
by UpturnDG September 30, 2018
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