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Renay is a very sexy woman, she is such an amazing person, she gets all the guys and is better than most other girls. She had a very strong heart because she has gone through the most pain but always comes back stronger. Renay ist he best roll model, she always knows what she wants and goes for it. She doesn't need a man.
by Dylan (girl) January 30, 2017
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Renay is a tom-boy who enjoys playing sports, but also making art. She’s a creative, kind, beautiful girl. Most of her friends are boys, as she finds them more reliable than girls. She doesn’t pay any attention to social standards, and is fairly confident. Renay makes many friends, and lots of people enjoy her company. She’s funny and enjoys making others laugh. She often passes time creating beautiful pieces of art in order to express herself or playing her favorite sports. Her main weakness is her longing to please everyone she ever met... so basically being too good of a person. Her empathy influences her whole life, as she is so sweet.
Renay is a creative, athletic, kind girl.
by AllNames February 11, 2019
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