a time of day most often nigh time where a boy/man starts to think about everything in life which leads to sadness due to the realization of mistakes and past encounters with other people. Basically rethinking life and thinking about all the negativity in their life.
-You good?
-Yea its just sad boy hours....
by lilbobbyy May 12, 2021
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Music in which a sad boy sings sad songs that are anticlimactic and bare but somehow the mediocre yet raw sad voice and depressing lyrics strike a chord deep within your sad self. You never listen to this music when you're happy because it appears to lack creativity when you are happy. But when you're sad, it is soulfully amazing.
Sabrina: Lily what time is it?

Lily: 3am, sad boy hours.

Sabrina: Time to go listen to sad boi music and bask in my emotions

Lily: Yeah, imma play ROLE MODEL
by icepackpattywack May 3, 2020
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The act of young and independent men who come together to talk about their depression
For example: Cesar did not have enough racks to buy his gucci windbreaker so he went full sad boy hours mod

Noel forgot to pull out when taking them w’s so he went full sad boy hours mode
by Sad boy © November 21, 2017
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A person who doesnt k owns how to take no for an answer and ends up insulting someone's appearance when rejected.
Sb: I just want to get to know you
Other: Oh no thanks I'm good.
Sb: Well your a fat bitch and I dont want to know you anyway.
Other: Wow what a sad boi
by Hawthorn151 October 5, 2019
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when u be sad so you listen to sad music for a few hours at like midnight because your lowkey broken but thats besides the point, sis.
britney: sad boi hours are near, skinny sister..

Tori: frick...

britney: ye...

tori: shoot...

britney: that sucks....

tori: ye
by _i_found_it_mom_ July 29, 2019
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When you suffer from a lack of friends and generally a life and refuse to go outside because you're too sad
"Dude have you seen Harold lately?"
"Nah man i think he's suffering from sad boi syndrome"
by jackthefapper7 January 30, 2019
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