Sad boi hours are when your especially sad for no particular reason other than life.
Random person: hey what’s up
Sadboi: nothin just sad boi hours
by Zoeboi13 February 14, 2019
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the time between Yee Yee Hours and Soft Boy Hours when u just kinda feel really sad for no reason in particular..
Friend: Hey what’s up?
You: Nothing..just having some sad boy hours
by $ád bøÿ August 23, 2019
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The act of using your own tears as lube while jerking off to pictures of girls who turned you down.
Yeah he spends alot of his time in his room being a secret sad boy.
by Ranchgirls December 8, 2020
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Hours between 1 AM to 5 AM in which a "Sad Boi" partakes in actions such as crying, and being emotional.
"It's almost 1 am, can't wait for sad boi hours."
by Ugandan Fedora August 3, 2017
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A "time" or phrase that represents a disappointing, depressing, or sad event. This time is when a person, coined "sad boi" is considered upset or in their feelings. This can include reactions of distress such as crying. Likely times for Sad Boi Hours are early morning/late at night when someone is likely the most pensive, though is not exclsively used to represent that time frame.
Jay: Last night I was thinking about how painful that experience was with my ex.
Rich: Aw dude, I'm sorry.

Jay: Yeah, but you know I end up over thinking at night...the typical Sad Boi hours.

Jessie: I ruined that save file, my entire masterpiece is ruined!!
Leila: Oof, time for the Sad Boi Hours.
by Laurello July 23, 2018
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The same thing as "sad nigga hours", but it is used when you aren't comfortable enough to say "sad nigga hours".
Person 1 : "It's sad boy hours, my guy."
Person 2 : "Don't you mean 'sad nigga hours'?"
Person 1 : "Naw, i prefer 'sad boy hours' ."
by A true cream nigger November 11, 2017
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