Sad Boi Hours referres to a time period (usually) late in the night. A time when any person can be sad, weepy, depressed, or sobbing. Everyone has sad boi hours and nobody is immune to it.
Me, in a group chat at 2 A.M. : Its that time of day again...
Everyone else: "Sad Boi Hours...."
by Bunii_ May 25, 2019
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Used to define blond witches with daddy issues. Usually has some sort of trauma related to parental figures, and is a suicidal bitch. Does not have any friends and needs therapy.
She called him, and these are her words, “a bad but sad boy”
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Sad boi hour is basically when you sit in your room at night listening to sad music and crying.

Warning: sad boi hour can easily be turned into mad boi hour if you don’t cry!

Sad Boi Hour MUST include:
-sad music


-dimmed lights

Optional (but recommended):

-Essential Scents
Person one: Hey I just had my sad boi hour

Person two: oh how was it?

Person one: good. The songs really hit hard this time and I cried a lot

Person two: that’s good man!
by squiggly wigglies December 10, 2019
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Another word meaning to smoke blues, or in otherwards smoke fentanyl
Yo homy I'm feeling sick you got one one of those sad boy lokos I can get?
by Pabloinlust September 5, 2021
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a prim, not a pare, who is sad
For example,

"Hey what is wrong with Santos?"
"I don't know man.. he's a sad boy prim right now"
by mr.prim November 26, 2019
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"After his girlfriend broke up with him, George locked himself in his room all day listening to sad boy rock. A little more Death Cab, or Bright Eyes, and I would've had to pry a razor from his hands."
by Harvey Wallbanger III June 21, 2006
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Sad boi hours are hours, most commonly during the night, when you are suddenly sad. Sad boi hours also don’t just happen to boi’s (boys), females can experience sad boi hours too. Boi is just thrown in there for the humor touch, and because sad hours just sounds kinda meh.
During the sad boi hours, I began crying and eating ice cream while watching Netflix.
by jawanna blowme? January 22, 2020
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