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to be smacked in the scrotum very fast and very painfully.
" hey, whats wrong with you?"

"i just got sack whacked"
by krl November 12, 2003
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Striking a guy one in his testicles. Sack whack may refer to striking the testicles in several different ways including:-
- slapping
- tapping
- punching
- kicking
- elbowing
- twisting
- pinching
- backhanding

Sack whack is also known as:-
- Sack tapping
- Nut check (often said before the sack whack occurs)
- Nut tag
- Bag tag
- Bell flicking
- Roshambo, originating from 'Mecha Streisand', one of the earliest episodes of the American animated comedy cartoon, South Park .

'Sack' refers to the scrotum.
Gary: I don't care what you think , I'm doing it.'
Natasha: 'You dare and I'll sack whack you one!'
Gary: 'Oh sorry, I didn't know that. I do want to have kids some day.
by Online Fan December 30, 2016
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to backhand slap a guys nuts, causing extreme pain
aw shit, I just got sackwhacked!
by Baintz November 13, 2003
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a vicious frontal attack on one's genitals
also can be referred to as a jimmy sack whack or a jimmy tap

"Hey whats up, Owwww...Why'd you give me a jimmy tap?"
by Beegis June 23, 2006
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wen sum1 whips sum1s royal jewels so hard that it causes the sad victim to cry in terrific agony, which caused the perpetrator to laugh in victory.
it also proves if u r homosexual: if u sack whack sum1 n get pleasure out of it u r officially gay.
1.George: *sack whack* GAILY RITUAL!
Dom: ARGHHHHHHH oh holy bannanas my balls r on the grounD! OMFG
George: ohh that felt soo good (george is offically proved gay)

2. Jack: *sack whack* DAILY RITUAL!
Bill aka vill: wat happened? (vill obviously has no balls)
Jack: (sad because of unsuccesion) *loading pistol to head*
by Willys knob March 10, 2007
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The sack-whack is a sexual maneuver which is preformed mid-coitus between two, consenting or non-consenting individuals, with at least one of them (the receiver) being a male. The initiator (male or female) sits astride their partner (male) while receiving anal or vaginal penetration. When the initiator feels his/her partner is on the cusp of climaxing they will perform a quick, albeit sharp, open or closed handed strike against their partner’s scrotum. If performed correctly, this act will undoubtedly stave off the male’s orgasm and allow for a lengthier period of sexual stimulation for the initiator.
Bill: What happened with you and Sandy last night?
Tyrone: I had to sneep that bitch after she gave me a sack-whack.
Bill: Yeah, and then what happened?
Tyrone: We both felt awful, so we had a make up sandish.
Bill: Awesome!
by lammdawg April 23, 2008
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See above, other synonyms include:
Pattack (Penis attack)
Nut tap

Getting nailed in the junk. Ow.
see above
by Big Tim November 14, 2003
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