Zane. He's funny, he's kind, an amazing friend, stubborn at times, he is uplifting. Yes Zane may have his own problems, but Zane is amazing. If you have Zane in your life don't lose him or you'll lose alot.
Zane is funny and kind.
by @kaii.1 March 17, 2019
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The name of a guy who is extremely kind, understanding, intelligent, funny, charming and handsome. His personality is on point, and the fact that he's so incredibly good looking is just a bonus. His jokes and his way with words are indescribable. He is, overall, an exceptionally great guy.
Person 1: How awesome is that guy Zane?
Person 2: Hella
by epicgamerwin February 10, 2019
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Where to begin. On the outside, quiet, shy, and humble beyond belief, but inside lies an incredible and intelligent person. Truly, he is one of the best people on the planet.
I would put an example here, but it wouldn't be befitting of such an indescribable person like Zane.
by shhhyourface March 11, 2013
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Zane is a smart, funny, sexy, nice man who is very good at loving the lucky girl he has. He says I love you every night, he kisses her with no problem in front of everyone, and he holds hands with his true love. He will only be with the girl he's with and no one else because she's his Truelove. She loves him more an anything and he loves her more than anything. He tries to be friends with everyone but still love his girlfriend. Zane has been through a lot in life, but he still can love someone, and be friends with many people. Every girl wants a Zane to love, but he will only love one girl. If anyone could have the strong, handsome, sexy, loving Zane I have you would do anything to keep him. I love you Zane your the best person alive. I wish there were more people like you! I bet every girl would want to kiss you, hug you, hold hands with you, just like me. Except I'm different I get those things, I get you. No matter how mad, sad, grumpy I am I will always love you. I can't wait to get your perfect lips touching mine. Love you babe!
Zane is the sexiest and the best guy alive. I don't know how his parents got him so perfect.
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A Zane is particularly shy around girls but is easy going around his friends. He likes to play sport and is a very intelligent. He try’s his best with whatever he does and if you are close to him he will always be loyal and will not let anyone get in the way of him and his friends. Zane has an incredible sense of humour and has many close friends. Zane is an amazing sibling who puts others first and is always considerate! Zane always chooses his girlfriends wisely and will stick up for them no matter what! Zane is very talented and cute which has girls all over him!
Oh he’s cute he’s definitely a Zane
by Emoji10205 January 19, 2018
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