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When someone takes too much food, which is more than they're able to eat, so they cannot finish it all off.

Typically as a result of people attending a help-yourself style buffet or pub carvery.
I can' finish this ice cream cake, guess I have a case of eyes bigger than belly.
by Online Fan February 02, 2017
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Striking a guy one in his testicles. Sack whack may refer to striking the testicles in several different ways including:-
- slapping
- tapping
- punching
- kicking
- elbowing
- twisting
- pinching
- backhanding

Sack whack is also known as:-
- Sack tapping
- Nut check (often said before the sack whack occurs)
- Nut tag
- Bag tag
- Bell flicking
- Roshambo, originating from 'Mecha Streisand', one of the earliest episodes of the American animated comedy cartoon, South Park .

'Sack' refers to the scrotum.
Gary: I don't care what you think , I'm doing it.'
Natasha: 'You dare and I'll sack whack you one!'
Gary: 'Oh sorry, I didn't know that. I do want to have kids some day.
by Online Fan December 30, 2016
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1. a bad/frightening dream
2. something happening in your waking life that is really traumatic
3. a fictional character from the Soul Calibur game series
1. Bloody hell, that was one bad nightmare, I'm glad it's over now
2. Will this nightmare never end?
3. Hmm, who shall I play as this time? I know, Nightmare
by Online Fan December 19, 2016
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A slang term for a man or teenage boy who is gay i.e. likes making love via the rectum, either:-
- likes putting his cock in his partner's butt
- likes his partner putting their cock in his butt
Rachel: 'Wow, Jason is so cute, I'd love to be his girlfriend'
Emma: 'Sorry Rachel, he's a bum chum, he wouldn't be interested'.
Rachel: 'Damn it'.
by Online Fan December 12, 2016
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When a baby poops their nappy/diaper. Fudge = poop, huggies = nappy/diaper. Used in the Simpsons episode, 'Strong Arms of the Ma.
Bart: 'Ew! Mom, I think Maggie fudged her huggies!'
Marge: 'Bart, don't say it like that, you'll hurt her feelings. (sniffs) Geez, Louise! How did you turn cinnamon applesauce into that?!'
by Online Fan October 14, 2016
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Used casually to slip into conversation that the zip on someone's trousers is unfastened, prompting them to do it up.
Rob: 'Jake, you've got a barn door open.'
Jake: 'What's that?'
Rob: 'The zip on your trousers is undone.'
Jake: 'Oh, thanks' (Fastens zip up)
by Online Fan March 21, 2015
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1. (Literally) to cut cheese up into smaller pieces, like slices.
2. American and Canadian term, meaning to fart.
'Who cut the cheese? Who cut the cheese? I ask you please, did you cut the cheese? I'm not adverse to learning, tell me why my eyes are burning? Who cut the cheese?' - Two and a Half Men.
by Online Fan November 19, 2016
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