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A scat related sex act involving two people, whereby one participant (male/female) lies face down while the other (male/female) lies on their back on top of the bottom person. They arrange themselves in a manner which allows both anuses to line up (usually best accomplished by lying opposite directions: head to foot) then both participants defecate simultaneously, creating the most wonderful feeling ever.
Bernnie and Leroy performed the sandish last night and it made a huge mess on mom's bed.
by Darren Berrnarrd December 06, 2006
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so out of it, so blazed, so drunk, so spent from sex, so whatever, that you half-lay on a couch or chair and just sit there. Hardly any movement, not speaking, normally somehow keeping eyes open. Person being called such usually accompanied by his or her pajamas. Drool optional. Occurs on any given evening around College Park, Maryland or Jamaica. Origin of neologism: redneck territory, in Fredick, Maryland's backyard, Hagerstown. Hells yeah!

can be used as noun, adjective
"Clearly that man is sandish as shit. He broke down."

"Oh, look, there it is..." reporter turns to camera, holding safari hat close upon head, sporting a yellow buttoned up shirt and creepily pinned back handlebar mustache, "I see her. As we come closer upon the sandish form of the ganjafumarkid of the wild, we see her try to wave us away with one finger. Oh, boy, Thomas. It looks like she doesn't want to be disturbed." Thom the Cameraman pans to the magnificent horizon to the east of the background tress, headlining is the sandish sun as it sits upon the line of terra. There is a crinkling of paper sound nearby.
by Andrew Lawrence Cowman May 07, 2007
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