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The myth, the man, the legend.

Rylers are the manliest men around. They take no flack from anybody and laugh in the face of danger. With a mostly wild side they also can be incredibly empathic and thoughtful. They love to snuggle and be around family. Ladies, if you ever find a Ryler hold on to him tight.
Bethany, your boyfriend is being such a Ryler right now.
by Too Red November 12, 2016
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he is a very kind hearted person who thinks of everyone before himself. a ryler never gives up on his education and works hard on what he wants. he is a loving friend and boyfriend. he treats every girl he meets and never treats them poorly. he is clever and funny. he can be very oblivious when it could to everything. he never get in trouble with anyone. he always does things to make his friends happy and excited for something important. if you ever meet a ryler you are lucky because the are so sweet kind and hard not to laugh at. they say they are not popular in their school when they really are. they are the ones who create friends with everyone even if they think they have no one new to meet. they are also so innocent it’s unreal. but they’re the best type of boys.
Hot girl: who is that boy?? i wonder if he’s got a girlfriend???
Nice girl: Ya that’s Ryler and he’s got a girlfriend.

Boy#1: hey i meet this cool guy today.

Boy#2: was it ryler???
Boy#1: ya how did you know???

Boy#2: he’s cool and your lucky
by kinder15 February 27, 2019
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