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The worst thing in the whole wide world times 72.5

My incredibly random friends and I were driving back home from the movie Constantine when one of my friends emitted the word RUSTIFER and it was been used in that context ever since.
1. Doing homework, why thats a rustifer!

2. One of my teachers is a rusifer.
by Hannah March 10, 2005
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1. the worst thing in the world times 72.5

one night when i was with my friends driving home we were playing a question game where you try to ask strange difficult to answer questions and one of my friends said would you rather be stuck in an elevator with a melon or a rustifer no one knew what a rustifer was so we all looked it up and found nothing so we finally decided it would be the worst thing in the world x72.5 (and yes we realize that it would never end) and that is how rustifer came in to being
1. George Bush is the biggest Rustifer this country has ever seen(if anyone is offended by this i am sorry but you should learn to be more open-minded) mom is a rustifer some times

3.Jason Freeman is the biggest rustifer ever(behind bush)
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1. the worst thing in the world times 72 and a half.
2. a tree originally found in eastern asia that was brought ove to the western united states by immigrants and now is very common in california and surrounding states

the backgroundis that i made this word up on the way home from constantine and i made up both meanings
1. jason freeman is one hell of a rustafer

2 that is one huge rustifer growing in your back yard
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