A game where two people ask each other questions via. text. It is basically a way to find out if the other person likes you.
Person 1. Let's play the question game!
Person 2: Okay!
Person 1: Have you had a first kiss?
Person 2: No.
Person 1: Interesting...
by rainbowdash8246 February 19, 2014
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The 'offical' name for the game in which two people play normally while flirting to "get to know each other better." The rules depend on the players and are usually made up as the game goes along, but the basic jist is that the players take turns asking questions and you can't lie. The questions are usually sexual in nature and the game is a tool used to measure the person's skanky-ness.
Mark: Want to play the question game?
Jess: Sure.
Mark: So...how far have you gone?
ect ect ect
by raydar March 10, 2006
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The question game is a game where a person asks another person a question and the other person must answer with a question, repeating this process until a person answers a question with a statement. You cannot repeat the exact wording of any question used in that round of the game.
Person A: Want to play a game?
Person B: What kind of game?
Person A: Which game do you think I would want to play with you?
Person B: Could it be the question game?
Person A: Do you think it's the question game?
Person B: What would happen if I said yes?
Person A: Do you think I care?
Person B: Do you care?
Person A: Does it matter?
Person B: Doesn't you opinion matter?
Person A: To me, but -----
by CaliGirl95 April 9, 2010
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The question game is a conversation starter for tool/douche bags that have absolutely zero game, and minimal social skills. Normally a male initiated game, in which they try to make conversation with females in order to gain their first sexual experience, because let`s face it, if you are using this game on strangers you are probably a virgin. As well as if you are using this game in order to find out how skanky or slutty a female is, do us all a favor and call a hooker.
Really?" Tom played the questions game with that random girl?" "What a fag!
by FlyBoyPlayer27 January 26, 2011
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