When two or more guys are going to fuck a girl
Let's take that chicken head back to my place and run a train on her.
by Elmo June 11, 2004
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The act of solidly defeating an oppoent during football.
To jump on the bandwagon with what everyone else is going along with.
We run a train every game as our record entales. They don't have a chance. Tina was against winning for school pride as shown by her act of anti-training. Bob doesn't have a clue.
by Profesional Dickhead September 04, 2007
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when lots of boys in a white collar office try to hit my vajayjay in a series of poundings on the board room table. this usually follows a strategic meeting which inevitably started with 2 bottles of wine. i liked it and everyone should get a ticket to this train. i must admit that when they were discussing "running a train" i was blind to the real definition. but after experiencing a "train" bein run on me and my vajayjay, it was quite enjoyable especially the handcuffs and i recommend all office women give it a try. peace out and i holla'd back wit sum youngins'
we run a train on dis hoe once a fiscal quarter while discussing strategery
by vajayjay officina June 11, 2009
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Run a train: To run a train on someone is to get multiple people lined up and have sex with a single person one after the other.
To have a train ran on you is to be the willing participant waiting for each member of the train to have sex with you.
Person 1: can me and my boys run a train on you?
Person 2: yes you and your boys can run a train on me!
by NuggetsAreFamily October 02, 2016
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when a football team wins by a large amount and goes undeafted
" We're the better team out there we have to run a train tonight."
by Conducter Bill September 03, 2007
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When a line of (gay) men line up and insert their penises into the man in from of them. Sound effects and movement optional.
Dude I went to a party in the gay district of D.C. and the guys wanted to run a train with me at the lead!!!

Thats some fucked up shit!!

I know... but I did it
by Ptricky December 18, 2007
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